What is a Caucasian Queen?
The Caucasian honey bee originates from the country of Georgia in the Caucasus mountain region. Caucasian honey bees are an Old World strain known for their gentleness and productivity.  Apis mellifera caucasica is endowed with the longest tongue (7.1 mm avg.) of all know honey bee varieties.  This trait coupled with a propensity to fly earlier, later, and in cooler conditions results in a bee that is well known for exceptional honey production. Another interesting trait is a tendency to gather larger amounts propolis than most bees.  Propolis is well known for its medicinal qualities and helps the bees defend their hive from invaders and drafts. Propolis is an essential component of honeybee survival and valuable hive product.  A well sealed sanitary hive and a very frugal winter cluster makes for a very hearty bee that can handle harsh winters and produce huge crops.
 £65 Per Queen
The queens are available now to be ordered  and  delivered  on the 20th April  2018,  for any further information visit the contact page.

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